Photo Stories

Four boys spent an afternoon on the beach at Plum Island, in Massachusetts.  They are all from the Democratic Republic of Congo and had never before seen the ocean.  Two of them were so excited that they walked down the beach on their hands, and then they did a series of back handsprings until they made it into the water.

NAA took several of our most loyal after school participants for a fun filled evening at Chucksters.  By far, the most popular attraction was the bumper cars.

Over the summer, a group of 11 new Americans and 11 host community members read Home of the Brave, a story of an 11 year old African who was resettled in Minnesota.  African students who had been here longer read the book out loud to our newcomers.  Everyone came together for a book conversation, and then they went up to Monkey Trunks, an aerial adventure part at Weirs Beach.

Volunteers from St. Paul's School, a private boarding school in Concord, help out in our after school programs.  At the end of the school year, they invite our students to spend a day with them on St. Paul's beautiful campus.  They played soccer and basketball, tried out the climbing wall and had a delicious dinner together.